Abundance/Scarcity (Jazz Organ Project 39/250)

“There just aren’t any gigs around here any more, and the ones that we have don’t pay anything.”

I’ve heard that line over and over to describe the music scene around the Triangle. Gigs and money are scarce. People ask me all the time about how to get gigs, and I find myself parroting the same idea.

I wanted to write this post to provide a different viewpoint, one of abundance.

What percentage of people living in your area are likely to become die-hard fans of your music, if they were to be exposed to it? I mean the type of fan who would show up to watch your band play once a month? I have no evidence-based way to estimate this, but for now suppose 1 out of every 1000 people, or .1%.

The Triangle area of N.C. has 2.2 million people, .1% of which could be a big fan of your band. That’s 2200 die-hard fans, all of whom are interested in buying your CD and coming to your shows. Do you realize how awesome that would be? Instead of trying to get a gig for tips at your local coffee shop, you would be worried about booking an auditorium large enough to fit everyone.

So with this abundant goal in mind, your task is to painstakingly weed through millions of people to find this strong group of fans. More on this in the future!

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