October News

October is going to be a totally burning month. The shows are too numerous and overwhelming to list, so just read about them to the right. Outlet mall?? Yeah, we’re playing at an outlet mall. And you know what? It’s going to rock.

The Jim Ferris Trio is one of the coolest things that I’ve stumbled into in my journey into the world of jazz organ. Saxophonist Jim Ferris and drummer Mike McPherson are all about rocking the house. Coincidentally, that’s also what I like to do. Pop by Travinia and check this band out.

October 19 will be the Cheraw Jazz Festival, and the beginning of my 40th trip around the sun. I’ll be on ‘roadie’ duty with Kate McGarry, Keith Ganz, Gary Versace, and Otis Brown III. They are the best band that I could ever hope to see. I can’t wait to hang out and talk organ with Gary, one of the best jazz organists in the world.

TJ has left Carrboro to seek his fortune in New York City, where I am certain he will kick some serious butt. We already miss him like crazy, and the trio will never be the same. However, I know a few other drummers who are great and can fill in. I hope you will come out to some shows this month and support these guys!

I’ve decided to try to post more videos and blurbs on this site, so check back now and then.

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