8/2/21: The Doug Largent Trio w/Brad Maiani & T J Maiani

10:45am -12:15pm - Robert and Pearl Seymour Center - 2551 Homestead Rd., Chapel Hill, NC - orangecountync.gov for details

Hammond SKX – Part 2 – Organ Type

The Hammond SKX can sound like three categories of organ: 1. Tonewheel – for example, vintage Hammond B-3 2. Transistor – for example, Vox and Farfisa organs 3. Pipe – classical pipe organ The Transistor and Pipe organ types are cool, but they are not the primary purpose of the Hammond SKX: to sound like…
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Hammond SKX – Part 1 – Tonewheel Set

At the heart of the Hammond SKX sound is the ‘tonewheel set’. A Hammond SKX tonewheel set is a virtual model of the spinning tonewheels inside the tone generator of a vintage Hammond B3. For each of the 96 tonewheels, you can individually set relative volume level and tone characteristics. Organist Jim Alfredson created two…
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List of 99 x 10^99 things I Did in 2020, Part 1

1. Trained for a half-marathon (on my way to marathon and ultra) with my friend Jon Tweedy, 2. Resurrected my podcast, adding Jon as co-host, 3. Studied for and got my amateur radio license, KO4ICM, 4. Learned Morse code (CW) and began communicating with other radio operators at great distance, 5. Took keyboard lessons with…
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